Unfortunately we are not anymore as a couple, for that reason we do not work togheter and have different bank account , different staff, different tour programs, different prices!!.

WWW.AMAZONTRAILSPERU.COM is with my ex-wife Ulrike Maennig – Ulla.

WWW.AMAZONTRAILSPERU.NET is with Abraham Felix Huaman Leon.

AMAZON TRAILS PERÚ is committed to do real Ecotourism. We have our own vehicles and boats as well as experienced staff. As we operate all tours in Peru directly we have good control over their quality.

Amazon Trails PeruAmazon Trails Peru

Our Office is located on calle Triunfo 342 in Cusco – Peru, one block from the main square. Our phone numbers are 084-437499 – handy 984741735

You will spend most nights of your tour at our lodges and other good lodges located on strategic places, Bambu Lodge(private bathroom),Soga de Oro Lodge(private bathroom and hot shower), Hummingbird Lodge(private bathroom), casa Matsiguenka (share bathroom) Tambo Blanquillo (share bathroom), and Maquisapayoj – Tapir Lodge, in double rooms with private bathroom and hot showers. Camping options or expeditions are also available. With more than 20 years Guiding experience and 10 years operating Manu tours we have constantly improved our service and itineraries. Itineraries are flexible enough to maximize your chances to see wildlife and our guides will do their best to show you the marvels of the rainforest.

ATP works hard to limit the environmental impact. We return all waste to Cusco, buy local or peruvian products wherever possible and avoid buying tins or other material that is difficult to recycle. We recommend the Manu Biosphere Tour, which requires less boat fuel.

Working in Manu also means to work with local people, our boatmen and lodge staff are from Manu. We want to help build consciousness about the importance of the rainforest and promote rainforest conservation. We work with experienced, english speaking naturalist guides with many years of guiding experience in Manu. Most of our guides have grown up in the rainforest and have been working (in research projects) and living in the rainforest. They are very experienced in wildlife spotting, recognizing birds and mammals by sound and sight. They can imitate the animals to call them closer, as well as giving you the scientific names of the animals we see.

For further information about our guides see below.

We use binoculars and telescopes so that you can get a closer view of the animals, without disturbing them.

Our guides take one of the following Telescopes on the Manu tours:

Zeiss Diascope T FL, 85 mm
Leica Televid, 77mm
Bushnell Trophy 20-60x65mm
Kowa TSN 2, 77mm
Kowa TSN 1, 77 mm
Kowa 37 TSN, 77 mm
Kowa TSN 500, 68 mm

Our guides are bilingual (English/Spanish) and on request we can provide guides in German, French and Japanese.

Abraham Huamán Abraham F. Huamán L. Born 1966, grew up in the selva (rainforest), founder of ATP and director of operations, official guide, specialized in birdwatching, worked in research projects (monkeys, macaws, giant river otters), worked with Discovery Channel for the documentary ´Spirits of the Rainforest`, with the BBC 3 times and with National Geographic once and has 24 years of guiding experience in Manu.


Revelino Llactahuaman Lastra, born 1977 in the rainforest, grew up in the rainforest, works as a guide since 1999, in 2000 he worked for the BBC twice to film Giant Otters and Mushrooms in Manu, 2001 he worked in a Macaw Project in Manu, he speaks english and some dutch.
Saturnino Saturnino Llactahuaman Lastra, born 1982 in the rainforest and raised there, works as a Manu Guide since 2002 and specializes in ornithology, also in the Andes. He loves Colibiris. He speaks English and is learning Japanese.


Eliseo Llactahuaman, born 1953, has a vast experience about life and survival in the rainforest, lives in Maquisapayoj Lodge.

Eva Gengenbach, born 1980 in Germany, Master in language, economy and civilisation studies, specialized in south america; studied 1 year in Limoges and afterwards worked in Ecotourism in France. 2005 with ATP in Cusco. Actually Eva is working with Taruk a German Tour company.

Itineraries are available and flexible from 3 to 11 days, including boat travel (and/ or raft), overland travel and/ or flight (custom itineraries on request). For details see itineraries. Also see short programs!

Manu is famous for its Biodiversity.

So far 1000 species of birds have been registered,
more than 200 species of mammals
among them 13 species of monkeys
and 15,000 species of flowering plants.


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